magnifiers Advanced multi-purpose LED magnifier. Video More Info
magnifiers Industrial LED magnifier with 3D feature. More Info
magnifiers KFM Magnifiers - the world's number one magnification system. As the most widely used magnification system, the KFM Series offers the greatest selection of primary and secondary lenses are is backed by more options and quality features than any other illuminated magnfiier. Spec
magnifiers IFM Magnifiers - ideal light-duty magnifiers for low-power inspection. More Info
magnifiers Circus - now combining sleek styling and high-output illumination with a newly redesigned metal housing. More Info
magnifiers The low heat output of the lamp and the versatility and robust construction of LFM Medical makes it a great tool for patient examination at a very competitive cost. The magnifying head is made of ABS polymer, combining light weight design with high impact strength. Video Spec